KIDS MInistry

As kids discover more about how we can reflect God’s character through taking initiative, they’ll spend the month of September studying the life of Nehemiah. Nehemiah’s life is a perfect example of someone who heard about a need, decided to check it out, trusted God, and dropped everything to finish the project. We can’t wait to see how God helps your kids discover how they can show initiative in their lives.

Bring the kids and join us Sunday morning at 10:30AM.

Covid-19 ministry plan

With the Corona Virus affecting all of us, grade school children are asked to wear their masks while they are in the building, including the KIDS Wing.  Our teachers will wear masks the entire time as they teach as well.  We will provide social distancing in every classroom.  We will be taking temperatures of each child before they enter the KIDS wing.  When church service is over, the parents may line up outside the KIDS wing door and a helper will retrieve your child for you.  We are excited to see your children.  If you have any questions or want more details, you may email Jessica, our Children's Minister at