Welcome to Trenton church!


"Transformed by love to serve" is the vision of Trenton Church!  Join us as we seek to fulfill this pledge!

current message series

If a video camera followed you around every day and recorded all of your conversations, what would others think about you?  For all of us, I'm sure, that would be very frightening.  We always attempt to put our best foot forward as we encounter other people.  We try to be encouraging and uplifting but the reality is that we too often speak ill of others and condemn and criticize.   In God, we attempt to allow Jesus to control our thoughts, tongues and actions so that Jesus is seen in all we do.  In this message series we will look at what we are to be.  This is US!

We Focus on

Jesus Christ

Jesus is central to everything we do at TCOC!  We sing, pray, share and preach in His overwhelming name.  Our purpose is to make Him known to all people.  If you're new to TCOC, we would love to get to know you better so if you'd like more information feel free to email us at tcoc@tcoc.org

  • We are

    Real people

    We are real people attempting to live out our dynamic faith in God.  We are committed to a common vision, joined in the covenant of love of the Creator.  We believe in multicultural, multi-generational ministry, who's sole purpose is to bless our community for Jesus.  Come as you are to learn more of the God we believe and find purpose in.  Our worship times are very casual as we make it a high priority to focus on God's Word.

  • We used to be 

    completely broken!

    We use to be completely broken.  but now are grateful for undeserved forgiveness, astonished by God's amazing grace.  We are humbled by God's invitation to be a part of the greatest cause on earth.  The realization of this truth inspires us to worship our great God!

  • WE'd love to meet you!

    TCOC (Trenton church of Christ) is located in Trenton, Michigan.  We love meeting new people and would love to meet you!  Join us each Sunday @ 10:30am!